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Sound Mixing
In a musical, a sound mixer is crucial because he opens and closes every microphone for every line. If he didn’t mix line by line the audience would hear breathing, wind noise on the microphones, and phasing. He decides the vocals levels, the overall mix of the band, and then combines the two, making a dynamic and interesting mix. These factors change each night given the audience, the actors, and the band. Therefore, having someone in charge who can adapt to those changing variables from show to show is critical.

I have an extensive background mixing musicals, whatever the size. Whether it be a cabaret, musical, or straight play, I work hard to ensure that every word of the script is heard with clarity.

Please read a press release of Lonesome Traveler, a show I recently mixed - MASQUE SOUND ON LONESOME TRAVELER

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Meet Me In St. Louis DCA Plot
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Avenue Q DCA Plot