Reviews & Testimonials
"It sounds great."
            —Neil Genzlinger, New York Times (Lonesome Traveler)

"In addition, having Mixer David Crawford, who mixed the show in California, join the team to work with me on the New York show was fantastic. He has done a wonderful job mixing and as a team we work really well together. The final result is something we are all proud of, and I am very thankful to all who helped make this possible.”
            —Jonathan Burke, Sound Designer (Lonesome Traveler)

"Its band, the Revolution Cellular Orchestra, sounds good blazing away in the corner"
            —Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times (Revolution In The Elbow...)

"If you close your eyes, the harmonies in group numbers (especially the closer, “Long Ago”) make you think you’re hearing an angelic church choir. The seven-piece Band, dexterously conducted by Chris Raymond, sounds like a full symphonic orchestra while never overpowering the heavenly voices."
            —Gil Kaan, Culture Spot LA (Nine)

"Sound designer David Crawford insures a perfect mix of amped vocals and instrumentals, all of which sound great on the Met’s upgraded speaker system."
            - Stage Scene LA (Nine)

"His combo is balanced beautifully with the flawless vocal amplification provided by sound designer David Crawford."
            - Arts in LA (Dreamgirls)

"Sound designer David Crawford takes advantage of the Met Theatre’s sound system upgrade to provide the best sound amplification and mix to date in a DOMA production."
            - Stage Scene LA (Dreamgirls)

"Raymond conducts an effective orchestra of five well amped by sound designer David Crawford. (Crawford effectively mikes all the performers so that all their lyrics and melodious notes can be clearly heard.)"
            —Gil Kaan, Culture Spot LA (Avenue Q)

"David Crawford’s crystal clear sound design/mixing."
            - Stage Scene LA (Avenue Q)

"Diction is clear, vocal harmonies blend well, and the sound is particularly good for this production, credited to sound designer & mixer David Crawford."
            - (Avenue Q)

"David Crawford’s sound design amplifies the evening without losing a word."
            - Kevin Taft, Frontiers LA (Avenue Q)

"David Crawford’s excellent sound design makes it clear that the Met Theatre sound system has indeed been upgraded—to DOMA Theatre Company’s credit and advantage."
            - Stage Scene LA (Xanadu)

"The sound (by David Crawford) was very good, particularly the vocal effects."
            - CA Highways (Xanadu)

"David Crawford’s sound design makes the most of the Met’s newly improved sound system."
            - Stage Scene LA (Jekyll & Hyde)

"Jekyll & Hyde will play out its intriguing game of good versus evil in DOMA's exceedingly professional looking and sounding representation."
            - Grigware (Jekyll & Hyde)

"...and dramatic sound by David Crawford round out the technical magic."
            - The Tolucan Times (Jekyll & Hyde)